Biometrics improve security and make user identification simple.

People’s characteristics or traits such as the iris, fingerprints or voice, make biometrics the future of identification as they are unique for each individual and make this the most secure form of identification.

Thanks to biometrics we can now fight against the gradually increasing sophistication of cybercriminals, who are able to get hold of all sorts of passwords and identification names which are a constant threat for bank accounts, for example.

Its use is currently emerging for some cellphones as login to the user interface. It is not surprising this identification system is also beginning to be used in some public spaces, such as health clubs and healthcare services.

Large corporations and security entities use these identity markers, alone or combined, for smart cards, encryption keys or digital fingerprints.
Their most common use is at entrance doors, but they can also be used to control employees’ working hours with a much higher level of efficiency than the currently used signing, which can be forged by a co-worker.

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