Biometrics for your smartphone

The potential use for biometrics is always close at hand, especially in our smartphones. A software solution can transform a front-facing camera into a biometric authentication tool.

Here are a few examples of biometric software:

1. EyeVerify
EyeVerify uses the front-facing camera to capture the pattern of the veins on the user’s eye. This application has been selected as a method of authentication and an innovation in digital passwords for banking activity in Australia. This and other biometric data tools can be downloaded directly to various smartphones.

Biometrics for your smartphone

2. Kivox
Voice-based biometrics make a lot of sense on smartphones. This does not require contact, friction activation through the touchscreen or camera alignment. This voice biometry application provides software that can use a person’s voice for authentication.

3. Biometric video games with extreme motion controlA series of video games using full-body motion capture have been released lately. This technology captures the 3D position of the player in every frame, and creates a live 3D model in real time.


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