Biometric technology in mobile devices is booming

A new analytics report released by Goode Intelligence predicts that in the year 2019, 5.5 billion people will be using mobile and wearable biometric technology throughout the world.

This could initially be driven by the integration of fingerprint readers in smartphones and tablets. Biometrics will become a natural form of authentication for users in the near future. Wearable technology such as watches, belts and smart glasses has significant potential for using biometric technology for authentication.

Biometric technology in mobile devices is booming

Goode Intelligence anticipates that this year, Apple will integrate biometrics in its smart iWatch device, either with its Touch ID fingerprint solution or using another biometric method, such as cardiac rhythm recognition.

The market analysis and predictions for the years 2014-2019 in this commercial area cite several major factors that are driving the adoption of mobile and wearable biometric authentication. One is the convenience for the user because biometrics authentication is well suited to mobile and wearable form factors.

The advantage it offers for security over passwords and PINs is another factor. Mobile and wearable biometrics should be considered as universal authenticators for people to interact with connected devices, marking the advent of the era of the Internet of Things.


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