Biometric solutions fast approaching

Fingerprints and other physical characteristics make useful elements to create and improve biometric security systems. As time goes by the increasing number of platforms designed for biometric security move from companies and public administrations to households and to home IT, mobile phones etc.

Some of the household solutions we can find on the market are:

Fingerprints biometricsMouse with fingerprint control: This mouse authenticates the computer access with the users’ fingerprints. This optical mouse with a fingerprint reader on one of its sides, can be used as an access controller and to identify the user on specific web-pages. It comes with a software, compatible with Windows, which allows you to protect files and directories and to unlock the computer with your fingerprint.

Facial recognition has also reached portable devices. The latest version of the operative system Android, the 4.0 Ice Cream version, includes a facial recognition system to unlock the phone.

Fingerprint readers are the most accessible solution nowadays:  this type of application for Windows includes a USB fingerprint reader, which can cost from 25 to 70 dollars. This equipment works with a scanner that reads the fingerprint and compares it to an older image taken by the user. We can also find pendrives with this fingerprint identification system.


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