Biometric identification: Exploring the veins of the hand

Fingerprints are facing some serious competition: an infrared scanner capable of photographing the arrangement of the veins in the palm of the hand in a way that can identify the individual and verify that he or she is alive by capturing the flow of blood.

Biometric identification: Exploring the veins of the hand

The arrangement of a person’s veins does not change during their lifetime, making it a unique attribute that is highly unlikely to be falsified. Moreover, the features of the left hand are distinct from those of the right hand.

With this in mind, Fujitsu has developed a prototype that captures the image of the veins in the hand and monitors their layout in the palm of the hand. It is able to detect the flow of blood and thus determine if it pertains to a living person.

This mechanism makes it impossible to change one’s identity, which in turn removes the possibility of fraud. This technological advance is gaining popularity due to its low price.

The technology is based on the use of sensors and chips that detect the venous return and the presence or absence of oxygen using infrared beams that do not cause damage to humans. They return a pattern of black veins after absorbing the red tones.



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