Auto alliances creates privacy principles around internet-connected vehicles

The increase use of new technologies has encouraged the automotive industry to create a set of privacy principles designed to assure customers that their data is treated with adequate privacy.

Nowadays, many technologies are being integrated into vehicles (biometric to verify the driver of a car as well as systems that route drivers around the path of a storm or allow them to locate available street parking spaces). These applications employ user data.

Auto alliances creates privacy principles around internet-connected vehicles

Thereby, automakers associations have issued the privacy principles to provide guidelines to ensure baseline customer privacy when it comes to vehicle technologies and services.  The framework includes major principles such as transparency, respect for context, data minimization, De-Identification and retention as well as data security, integrity and accountability.

Particularly interesting are the stipulations around data minimization, de-identification and retention which specify that data must not be used or retained for longer than it is determined necessary for legitimate business purposes. The data security principle also requires implementation of measures to protect consumer data against loss and unauthorized access or use.


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