American foundation invests in sensors to control firearm use

A young inventor from Boulder, Colorado, will receive a $50,000 grant to continue developing a biometric sensor that prevents unauthorized people from using a firearm. The grant comes from the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, which is based in Silicon Valley in San Francisco, California.

The foundation will award 15 grants aimed at the development of innovative products that seek to improve the security of firearms through personalization features and locking devices in both the firearms themselves as well as ammunition, according to a statement by the foundation.

American foundation invests in sensors to control firearm use

In this young man’s project, a digital fingerprint sensor will be used to identify authorized users who are handling the gun before activating the trigger. This will prevent unauthorized users from shooting the gun. In preliminary tests, the sensor prototype was 99.9% accurate.

The young talent, whose work had been previously recognized by the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair for secondary school students in 2013, stated that he became interested in the technology and had been thinking for quite some time about the role it could play in preventing accidents and deaths related to firearms. He explained, «The idea actually came to me in a dream and I have been working since then to make it a reality.»


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