A biometric security system with voice command will be installed in an American Bank

Two technology and biometry companies will install a biometric system based on voice, to guarantee a secure access to an American Bank.

The project consists in having a client of the bank carrying out electronic operations from any device, such as a PC, mobile phone etc… All transactions will provide an electronic certificate, which will hold a mark of time to prevent repudiation and, for all of them, confirmation will be asked together with the one-time password (OTP), which will prove the user’s identity when entered by the user in his mobile phone, thanks to biometric voice recognition.

So, there will be two channels for access, the actual internet and the mobile device with the one time password OTP.

The security system will hold 3 elements: the access Pin to the mobile, the actual mobile and the personal voice password.

The system should be able to authenticate more than 10 millions transactions per month in the future.


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